Clothing Assistance Ministry

Chase Corner Ministries provides free clothing to families in financial crisis that cannot afford to purchase clothing from the store. You must make an appointment to receive clothing assistance. Each individual is allowed 3 outfits and one pair of shoes, according to what items are available in the store. All free clothing must be received within a single visit to the store. Clothing may be provided once every six months to those in need. Clothing is also provided in emergency situations where there is little or no clothing such as: house fires, those exiting prison, domestic violence situations, etc.

In order to qualify for clothing assistance, a representative of the family must fill out a Crisis Center application outlining their financial need. Adults (18 or older) can get clothing for themselves and their family members. Children (18 or older) must come in and shop for themselves. We do not provide free clothing for children that have not yet been born. However, household items for the unborn baby may be requested such as: blankets, car seats, or cribs if these items are available.